We work to offer the highest level of aesthetic quality, thermal and acoustic performance and customization.

Each custumer, for Vertaglia Infissi, is unique and must have the best window on the market.

Our Windows in prestigious locations

Vertaglia Infissi windows help make locations even more exclusive all over the world: private homes, hotels, residences, offices and museums.

Full Glass, Vertaglia’s exclusive new product.
Elegant, minimal and efficient.

All glass closing, hi-tech design.

Glass protected sash externally, colors to choose from ( black or white).

Standard Turn and tilt window.

Frame , sash and concealed hinge are perfectly coplanar inside.


Vertaglia Infissi employs qualified personnel who possess expert skills, which allow them to design and build high performance windows using industrial procedures and finishes typical of the Made in Italy craftsmanship.

Wood vs sea

How is made

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A house dressed with wood

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The T of Maestri Campionesi


Set up in 1963 as a small workshop like most of the Italian carpentries. At first, production involved a bit of everything related to wood, then we decided to specialize in inside doors. Our artisan products have always been appreciated, this is the main reason why we have never saved on materials for our doors and thanks to the technology of our numerical control machinery, the quality of our products has increased significantly, but most importantly it allows us to customize every product.

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This new brand combines the personnel and technical knowhow of Vertaglia Infissi and Vertaglia porte into one channel aimed at the foreign market. Vertaglia Group exports its MADE IN ITALY all over the world, trying not only to spread products but also the culture of windows and the high quality of Italian products, considered to be the best windows in the world as they unite technology, design and customization.

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