EBE Thermal barrier system, depth 65 mm for glazing up to 48 mm, internal rebate and external flush mount between sash and frame.
In the EBE range, all systems are flexible and complete, with slim and strong thermal barrier profiles. The EBE 65 thermal barrier profile system has a depth of 65 mm and insulating glass up to 46 mm can be installed. Internal rebate and external flush mount between sash and frame. EBE 65 is part of the EBE range of profiles built by Secco Sistemi to meet the demand for the highest performance requirements. With the innovative thermal barrier junction technology, in polyamide and polyurethane, EBE realizes strong structural profiles with high performance and reduced sections. The closing seal is guaranteed by a double gasket system for the doors and an open joint system with three seals for the windows. Moreover, thanks to the wide choice of opening types and the complete range of accessories, EBE profiles offer the possibility to design windows in many different ways. The performance of the EBE thermal barrier system has been tested by the best European certification labs according to EN 14351-1 reference standards.


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