Vertaglia’s windows are conceived, designed and produced according to the highest qualitative standards of the field. Due to the quality of our production we can guarantee a durable life to our windows, longer than other durable goods of daily use. In order to make our windows always efficient, safe and to continuously ensure the initial thermal and acoustic performances, we offer to our customers our after-sales SERVICE.

SERVICE is our project of yearly planned maintenance carried out by our technicians and aiming at a complete check of our products: adjust hinges and hardware, oil the mechanical components, clean the external sides of the windows from dust or sediments using specific cleaning and revitalizing detergents, verify the seals and silicon status and check the tightness of the screws on the walls to guarantee the correct positioning of the windows.



Our windows are produced using the most cutting-edge processes and they are treated with highly performant and weather resistant coatings.
In addition to the standard 2-year warranty, Vertaglia Infissi provides the possibility to adhere to our Service project (more info at p. 101) in order to activate the “ZERO MAINTENANCE” warranty.
The warranty “ZERO MAINTENANCE” grants to our customers the right to have their windows fixed in case of coating film flaws due to manufacturing faults. The extension is valid for 10 years starting from the date of issue of the invoice, during this period we will repair the coating film flaws free of charge.
Vertaglia Infissi’s concept of “warranty” includes not only our responsibility for the quality of our production, but it also has a deeper meaning: we want our customers and our employees to feel safe and not at risk when using and producing our windows, for this reason we only use water based coatings of the highest quality.
Our coating systems – stained and pigmented for exterior – comply with the standards of CASACLIMAnature Technical Directive (May 2011), as specified by the chapter 4 which regulates the maximum quantity of VOC to be used within the finishes for interior and exterior (according to EU legislation 2004/42/CE). Specifically, the coating products used by Vertaglia Infissi falls under the category “wood varnishes and coatings for interior and exterior” and they do respect the limit of VOC presence (75g/l). Moreover, according to the same Directive, they are free of harmful substances, heavy metals, specific organic compounds and they do not exceed the maximum amount of formaldehyde provided for by the Directive (10ppm).



So different and so similar at the same time, our windows model Extralusso, NEXT and FULL GLASS have a well-defined design, more classical the former, extremely modern the latter. Nonetheless, they have a fundamental characteristic in common: security.
Extralusso, NEXT and FULL GLASS – available with burglar resistant characteristics – have been tested and certified for burglar resistance class RC2, according to the test report n. 13/11-A371-B1 concerning the standard DIN EN 1627:2011-09.
Thanks to Extralusso, NEXT and FULL GLASS the protection of our homes and our families today is easier.

Posa in Opera


What if your window is not properly installed? According to the new installation standards, a proper installation is meant to ensure the performance certified by the laboratory tests, or even to improve them.
Undoubtedly, the window installation is highly subjected to the choice and installation of the sub-frame as well as to the correct positioning of the window within the wall opening.
Vertaglia Infissi studied and developed its own Qualified Installation Manual: according to our standards for each project we analyze the best installation solution, always taking into consideration the price-quality ratio.
Thanks to the use of complex software systems, our engineering department is able to simulate the isotherm trend and to calculate the internal surface temperature. These parameters allow us to select the best sub-frame and window profiles to be used to meet the technical requirements.