Place: Milan (Italy)

Project Type: Apartment complex

Such a prestigious achievement as to become even a hashtag on social networks:  if you search “#PomaSeiUno” you can admire photographs of the building taken by those who, passing, were impressed.
We are proud to show that a reference company based in Milan has chosen Vertaglia wood windows for this prestigious construction in Poma street.

“The T of Maestri Campionesi”

Place: Milan (Italy)

Project Type: Apartment complex

As you can see from the last shot of the video, the complex consists of three buildings arranged in a “T” and has more than 500 wooden frames!
For us at Vertaglia Infissi having partecipated to this realization in Maestri Campionesi street in Milan is a source of pride.

“The Tower of the Sanctuary of the Madonna di Saiano”

Place: Poggio Torriana (Rimini, Italy)

Project Type: Historical building renovation

The tower is part of the complex called “Sanctuary of the Madonna di Saiano e Torre” and is assumed to be over a thousand years old.
The complex, of recognized beauty and historical and religious value, has recently been declared an asset of cultural interest.

For the renovation, the superintendency and the architect Brici have chosen aged oak windows with baroque-style profiling, hand-painted with transparent natural oil and externally covered in bronze.


Place: Rozzano (Milan, Italy)

Project Type: Apartment complex

The apartments overlook the green of the small park in front of the building and enjoy excellent living comfort thanks to the technologies used.

We at the Vertaglia Infissi have supplied the windows in white painted wood, some of which belong to the Stone line, the range of wooden windows externally covered in aluminum.
Thanks to the latter, where necessary, the window integrates with the architectural elements of the structure: the perfect mix between the fineness of wood and functionality.